Butterflys (acupressure fidget earrings)

Butterflys (acupressure fidget earrings)

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A perfect gift for anyone with anxiety: the discrete portablity of the acupressure rings make these earrings the perfect fidget for managing stress while out and about.  


Each piece features a gold or silver butterfly design with hypoallergenic hooks and your choice of acupressure ring colors.


Feeling restless while waiting in line? Socially anxious at a meeting or event?


Simply release the acupressure rings from magnets and roll them up and down fingers for instant anxiety relief. 


Ring Color
Butterfly Colors: Silver
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    The acupressure rings magnetically attach and release to the earring base. 

    Each order comes with 2 bonus rings of the same color.

    Made with hypoallergenic posts.