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3rd Try Design is dedicated to providing trendsetting products and creative solutions for all, especially for people with ADHD, anxiety and sensory sensitivities. 


Molly McGaughey (@mollyvivianmcg)  was initially inspired by seeking for solutions for her own AHDH and sensory sensitivities. She found that many sensory products or assistive tech were "clinical" looking or felt impractical or embarrassing to use. So she began creating and designing her own stylized solutions including the original "Hush Holders" the innovative detachable earplug holder earrings.


Hush-Holders offer instant access to hearing protection and noise reduction on the go for a variety of uses including Concerts, Musicians, Raves, Travel, and general Sensory Sensitivities (ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Migraines).


The name “3rd Try” was inspired by the idea that “the third time’s the charm”. We are devoted to that kind of optimistic persistence in innovation and design.



We are proud to work with a small team of artists based out of NYC. When you support 3rd Try, you are supporting local artists and creatives. 

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